Wednesday, January 11, 2012

IndoctriNation Trailer

IndoctriNation Trailer from IndoctriNation on Vimeo.

This is the most powerful documentary on America's educational system and why the public school system needs to be demolished.

New American article by Samuel Blumenfeld
IndoctriNation: A Powerful Film for Christian Parents

Indeed, I was among those who Colin interviewed. He had read my book, Is Public Education Necessary?and put a good deal of it in the film. I had written how early in our history anti-Christians saw a government education system as a way of weaning Americans away from their Christian faith. Colin even traveled to New Harmony, Indiana, where fellow Scotsman Robert Owen had set up his atheist communist colony in 1826 in order to convince Americans that religion was evil and that they should adopt a communist way of life. But when his communist experiment failed, he attributed it to the fact that people educated under the old individualistic system could not adapt themselves to communism as a way of life. His son and followers then embarked on a campaign to create government schools in which children, separated from their parents, could be indoctrinated to become atheist communists.
Many of the earliest homeschoolers were Birchers (John Birch Society members) who had read my books and decided to make that crucial decision to educate their own children at home. At first, few people thought that parents could do what we believed only the professional educators could do. But when my reading program, Alpha-Phonics, was published, homeschoolers discovered that they could do a much better job of teaching their children to read than the professionals in the schools who were using the look-say method and creating reading problems.

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