Friday, March 2, 2012

Is the Return of Jews to Palestine a Fulfillment of Prophecy?

“Many speak of a return of the Jews to Palestine in unbelief as fulfillment of prophesy, when God plainly promised return to the land on condition of repentance while they were scattered abroad. The Bible does not promise a return to the land in unbelief only for them to be saved at the second coming of Christ! God did not allow them into the land to begin with because of 40 years of unbelief, even though He had promised them the land. Why then should He do so now?

“Because of the requirement of repentance and faith, it should not be difficult to understand the present-day return of the Jews to Palestine is not a Biblical fulfillment whatsoever, regardless of any and all factors involved in their present-day return. Their return today is in UNBELIEF. So it is not a fulfillment of any Biblical prophecy.” ~John L. Bray

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