Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wedding Prep

Regina Addressing Invitation Envelopes

Trees Dressed in White
Home Sweet Home

Our Bride-to-be
trying on her dress.
James & Amanda's
young son, David, liked it too.
Charity is showing her dress too.

Our Victor

Building a Jalopy 
Green & White
Fine Construction
Chicken Tractor
Always Doing Something
Jim can trace his ancestry all the way back to Adam. 
Isn't that amazing? 
Celts have kept records for a long time.
A Table of Friends
 Newly Weds
Reading Greg & Regina's Story
 Full House
 Charis Addressing Wedding Envelopes
 Charity & her nephew, David
 Amanda's Photos
 James & Amanda
with little David
Watching the 100th Box
Family Working Together
Preparing for Honey
Built and Ready for Rides
End of the Day
James sings with his son on the bass.
Girls Dancing
A Family Joins the Party

The More the Merrier
Virginia Reel
Lance's Debut 

 Live Cell Analysis
 Live Cell Analysis
Good Blood
 James is growing.
 Newest Balyeat Family
Our Flooded Back Yard
Traveling On

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