Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dr. Joe Morecraft's Advice To Young Adults Desiring Marriage

There is great peace in God's Sovereignty.

  1. Accept your single state as a wise loving arrangement from your Heavenly Father. You are not single by accident.
  2. Exploit your present state of singleness. When you are married your time, energy and resources will be directed to your spouse. Use your time, energy and resources for the glory of God right now. Learn how to be faithful where God places you, diligent in the things God gives you to do and when God fulfills the desire of your heart He will cause you to be faithful in many things.
  3. While you're single, work on your undesirables and uglies. Go to those whose counsel you trust (your parents, close friends, mentors/elders) and ask them where you need improvement. Go to them and say, "Do you think there's something in me that needs to be changed and that's the reason I'm not married?" When they say, "Probably." Accept it with humility. "What are some of those things I need to change/improve?" Humility is an important part of singleness. 
  4. Pray continually for God's preparation of you and His provision for you. You're not married because you're not ready. You are not adequately prepared. Ask God: "Whatever it takes to prepare me for the man/woman you have for me, please prepare me and while you're at it prepare him/her for me. While you're preparing me, provide him/her for me." 
  5. Establish Christian relationships with God's people. Put yourself in the way of legitimate contacts and acquaintances. Don't go places where you don't expect Christians to be. Go where you will meet God-fearing, like-minded people. Don't be invisible.

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