Monday, November 26, 2012

Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian?

Abraham Lincoln's war centralized America.  

He gave us the Dept. of Agriculture, which is ruining Ag. 

He nationalized the railroad which is fascism putting private business and the government together. 

He nationalized the bank.

He gave us our first income tax system in US history. 

Lincoln gave us our first inheritance taxes.

He was the first to have a Marxist in his cabinet, putting Charles A. Dana as his assistant secretary of war, whom A. Lincoln called "The eyes of my administration." 

Lincoln suspended free press by shutting down 300 newspapers and put over 13,000 Northerners in prison. 

Lincoln had a dream of a White America planning to load every black man up and ship them to Liberia. Blacks were not permitted in his home state of Illinois. Any black there more than a month was publicly whipped. 

He wrote scurrilous tracts professing untempered ridicule and unreserved scorn for the faith of our fathers. 

The first time America jumped squarely into public education was in 1863 with the Merrill Act “to teach rebels children respect for national authority and thereby teach them to love their country before their state.”

A. Lincoln arrested legislators from Kentucky and Marilyn to prevent them from voting on succession. He exiled the Congressman Vallandigham for speaking in congress against Lincoln’s war. Lincoln ordered that Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Taney be arrested.

During the civil war, Lincoln closed newspapers across the country and seized telegraph lines to censor communications that he perceived as threats to his war efforts. 

Lincoln censored elections and confiscated guns in the boarder states. Lines of soldiers stopped voters who had the wrong color of ballots assuming they would vote against him. 

They burned hundreds of churches to the ground. 

Lincoln had about 90 officers, called 48ers, who were Communist revolutionaries from Europe. Three of the founders of the Communist Party became generals in Lincoln’s army. Lincoln said he would throw the Constitution overboard to save the union. By the end of the war he had shredded it. 

Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian? – Emancipator or Centralizer

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