Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Assisting at Three Rivers Poll

Friends have served at this poll for years. This time Joyce invited us. We stayed over for a fun night with her before heading to the poll at 6am.
As I started the van, Joyce offered to spot for me backing out. Oh no, everything looked clear, I would be fine. THUMP! I hit a small tree on the passenger side back end, leaving a knick in both van and tree.

Dinah wrote Daddy in for Congress.

Ready to pass out ballots

Ellen has a pin for each election she's worked.

Mrs. Simpson remembers elections in LA

when each vote was counted by hand.

April, Joyce, Ellen, Tor, Margaret, Dave

You can't come in. The poll is closed, Grandpa!

Pastor Warren Mark checked out the machine for the hearing impaired voters.

Precinct 2

Viktor's Boot Camp

He took on adventures we would never go on without him.
Viktor taught me to play basketball with a baseball
and explore two tunnels
one tunnel under hwy198.

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