Saturday, June 14, 2008

We Thank God For Our Fathers & Grandfathers

Celebrating my second birthday, and my father's 42nd, four days apart
I'm the youngest daughter,
thankful my father was happy to have many children.
In the photo above, Dad was 46 years old, Mother 41, Fama 18, David 16,
Mary 14, Stephen 11, Daniel 8, Esther 6, and Samuel was 2
Dad and Mom were pleased for me to marry David
My faithful husband has been a great help to them through the years
-replacing their house windows & reroofing their home
We spent two months restoring their nigh 100-year-old rent house when they were out of money and needed the rent income
replaced piers, beams, plumbing, doors & locks, fixtures, outlets, roofing, laid ceramic tile on laundry cement, painted inside and out
-spent 10 days hauling away 50 years of stored up clutter around their property

David's parents were glad their 33 year-old-son was finally getting married.

Our first baby

I feared David would be disappointed she wasn't a boy.

I didn't need to fear. He was sooo proud!

Reading with Papa is special!

The mower [deedilee!] is interesting

Daddy, can I paint too?

Grandpa Stoops & Regina in overalls

Dave Seppi enjoyed reading to his grandchildren
Daddy [David] made a great horse!

We were a growing family expecting Lance

Family & friends turned out to bless Fama on her third birthday

Dave Seppi's descendants

Celebrating his mother's 100th birthday

Grandpa played ball with Fama before Alec & Charlene's wedding.

Mother and Dad were pleased to have a photographer

get a snap of all seven children.

It is hard to gather us at once, since we all have families of our own.

August 8, 1990 Grandpa Seppi built a bird feeder to the delight of the children.

Grandpa read with a highlighter, so do we.
Little Victor has eyes for his grandpa.

Regina's ninth birthday

Grandpa & Grandma Stoops, Auntie Ruth,

cousins Destiny and Joel were with us

Sometimes it's tough to be Daddy!

We use to see the folks each Monday before violin lessons.

Stoops Clan Y2K

David takes our family to meet great authors.

This is Otto Scott, in 2003, the author of
The Secret Six
James I: The Fool as King
Robespierre: The Voice of Virtue
among others.

We're thankful for those days spent with the grandfathers while they were living.

2004-12-31 We spent New Year's Eve & Day with my parents.

David's father stayed with us the last few months of his life.

David teaching Jodavid to box

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