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Max & Aurelia Wedding June 23, 1906

Max and Aurelia (Anselmi) Seppi

Aurelia (Anselmi) Seppi

On Aug. 5, 1905, as a girl of 16, she sailed into New York Harbor. Max came through Ellis Island in 1900. There was a fire which closed Ellis Island that year, so she was likely redirected to another. An Austrian immigrant, she later became an American citizen. Aurelia had five sisters and two brothers. Although she was one of the older children, she was the last living member of that family. Her oldest sister died at 100 years of age. Aurelia Seppi was born to Steffan and Maria Arnoldin Anselmi on Nov. 25, 1889 in Brez, Austria. After the first world war, Brez became part of Italy. Sisters, Rose Bonan in Denver, Ida

On June 23, 1906, she married Max Seppi in Leadville. Max, also an Austrian immigrant, was a stone mason and a miner of gold and coal. They lived in Leadville until 1909, when they moved to Canada. In 1915, they moved to Sunnyside, Utah so Max could work in the mines. Max built their stone house in Helper in 1924. Most of the stone masonry work that is still standing in Helper was done by Max Seppi and Herman Plaga.

Aurelia and Max had four children, Adeline, Annie, Ida and Dave. She has 11 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren and eight great-great-grandchildren.

Max died June 10, 1953 in Helper.

In 1958, Aurelia moved in with her daughter, Adeline whose husband, Louis Bolognesi. had passed away 12-1-1935 "Lena" passed away 1-7-1992, at age 83. Aurelia ["Nona"-Italian for Grandma] lived with Lena until Aug. 14, 1991 when she fell and broke her hip, then transferred to the Castle Country Care Center.

Aurelia loved to work in the yard and garden, did knitting, crocheting, reading and vote in the elections.

Aurelia Anselmi Seppi, of Helper, Utah, age 102, died Oct. 12, 1992 in Price, Utah

David's grandma, "Nona," at age 93, at our wedding.

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shauntelle said...

wow, what a great story! i am a distant relative and have been searching for max and aurelia's family. thought you'd be interested that they had at least 2 other kids that died as infants, max jr. and clara. i'd like to know more about aurelia's siblings.