Monday, June 2, 2008

Viktor Campbell Helps Get Forklift Out of Mud

Dinah: Saturday afternoon I went looking for Jodavid to see if he was sweeping the back patio. “Jodavid where are you?” I called. I heard a groan and some indefinable words. I walked over to where Melody and I had planted some summer squash, and there before my eyes was a perfect disaster. The back of the forklift was lower than the front stuck deeply in the mud. I realized I had left the water running too long on those squash plants.
“Jodavid where are you?” I called, not understanding why he was not showing himself.
I heard another “Boo woo woo.”
“Are you okay? I asked.
I found a desperate boy with bee box lids all around the tires.
“Why are you not sweeping the patio?”
“Well…I…a … How am I going to get it out of the mud?” He said.
“I guess we will have to wait till the ground dries out or till dad gets home. You should have been obeying, then you would not have gotten into this trouble.”
Jodavid picked up the broom and started to sweep.
Sunday, our Pastor’s ten-year-old son, Viktor, came home with us.
Viktor knew just how to get it out, because his grandpa does a lot of work on a backhoe and commonly gets stuck. There is a blessing living close to grandparents!
Luke came on his way back from Ridgecrest where he preaches every other week. Sometimes he does the Sunday school lesson at Kaweah where we fellowship. It is so wonderful to see young men like Luke who are going after understanding what is right, and what God desires. He continues to be an inspiration to us as a brother in Christ for the Kingdom of Jesus.
We have been greatly blessed by seeing the Multi-generational legacy of the Campbell family.

Jodavid: Yesterday we brought Viktor Campbell home from church with us. Jodavid and Viktor jumped on the trampoline.
After jumping, I told Viktor “Our forklift has three wheels stuck deep in the mud. We need your help to pull it out.”
First we dug the rut with shovels.
Victor [Seppi] pulled the forklift out in no time with the powerful tractor.

Thank God, it was not quick sand! We would have to say, “Good-bye forklift. We’ll never see you again.”

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