Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Year 2009

We started the year with going to San Antonio for the Film Academy & Festival. We got to meet Jimmie Broyden who did a stunt demonstration also Steven Kendrick the producer of Fire Proof.

On March 5 we went to San Francisco for Prop 8 Hearings. I held signs. Lance debated Sodomites and Dinah debated a Communist. Regina took notes in the hearing.

On July 1, I got my permit to drive.

At the end of July we went WCWC. It had a great lineup of speakers.

I cleaned and laid Dura-Coat on our garage floor, then put together steel shelving.

In August we went to the Father & Son Retreat. It was great fun. We got to spend time with Bill Potter.
We did was push-ups with Doug Phillips.

I have lifted weights, but have never done it very long, so after looking on the internet and down-loading “Strong Lifts” work out log, I'm working out regularly. After watching Rambo First Blood part 2, I am inspired to see what lifting can do. Now I have a goal.


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