Thursday, December 17, 2009

Saturday Morning Online Mentoring with Geoffrey Botkin

Join Geoffrey Botkin online on Saturday mornings to discuss the practical issues of manhood! Hear Geoffrey share from Scripture and his own years of experience how to think and act like a Christian man amidst a culture which makes war on genuine manhood. These discussions will be extremely practical and interactive as men from across America bring their questions about their roles in work, husbanding, fatherhood, and the Church.

Sessions will take place between 9 and 10 a.m., Central Time, from January 2 through February 27, 2010. The cost for these nine sessions is $49 per man (sons may listen in with their fathers), and participants in this charter online class will receive a discount off the next.

Some topics Geoffrey will address over this nine-week period:

  • How to defend the faith: Love your wife
  • What every man needs to know before he dies
  • How family worship changes the world
  • How to think like a man in an adolescent culture
  • How to fight like a man in a defeated culture
  • How you and your sons can be involved in local church leadership
  • How to take command in your home
  • Understanding the Quadrivocational mission
  • Why long term planning is essential to a fruitful legacy

From Regina: Mentoring is world changing. Jesus spent three years discipling 12 men. He used these mortal men to build His church.

One of the greatest things Dad has done for us is love Mom and praise her in front of us.

If a man does not love his wife it is a picture of Christ not loving the church. That blasphemes Him before the world and especially the children in that man's home. A girl I know once said that she would rather be a mistress than a wife because she thought a mistress would be treated better. Her father is an ordained minister, but does not love or honor his wife.

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