Thursday, June 9, 2011

David Botkin & Nadia Noor Wedding Day

Have you seen this wedding? We love the family blessings, teaching, and so much more! ~Regina

"David... wanted to set an example of a short engagement, an inexpensive wedding and reception, and a wedding-atmosphere that pointed to real life..."
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‎"Rather than have bridesmaids or groomsmen, David and Nadia wanted their families to stand with them as witnesses — and to participate. All of the family members of bride and groom had a word to honor and exhort the new couple..."

As Steve Wilkins says: "Marriage is not [just] for you, it is for the Lord, it is [an example] for the world."


Debby Longnecker said...

Beautiful!!!! Absolutely Beautiful!!! What a wonderful wittness to our God and Father Jesus Christ! Wish more couple contemplating marriage would seriously take a good hard look at what and why they are getting married. Amazingly Beautiful!!!

Rick Dennie said...

I was at a wedding a few years ago where the family members stood in place of the traditional wedding party and thought that was a wonderful concept.

Bruce Brady said...

Wonderful wedding vows based on God's grace. A fun way to have a wedding - not stuffy or formal before or after. Great support from the church family.

Ryan Short said...

I am very happy that I was there.

Sarah Robinson said...

Thank you for sharing this! Beautiful!!!