Thursday, June 16, 2011

Institutes of Biblical Law

"What happens when a caricature of Jesus is presented, when obedience is constantly demanded without the God-ordained goal of obedience being mentioned, and when man is continually summoned to prepare himself in the Lord, but for no purpose? The ministry of the church then becomes trifling, and the life of the believer, frustrating."

"This resonated with me because it does seem that so much of what we hear in church these days is pietism - to be better, not to have sex before marriage, to ask people at work if they've accepted Jesus as personal lord and savior, to abstain from drugs and harsh language, to pay our taxes and vote in elections, to go on mission trips, etc. Not that these things are bad ... but for what purpose? This section reminded me that God regenerates us, he makes us able to respond to his call of obedience, so that we can take dominion, sharing the gospel in every area of life throughout the globe. Not just to be nicer people or to conduct our lives with higher moral standards than our neighbors. We are supposed to reclaim culture for the glory of his name. We have a goal."  ~Emily Johnson  


Lauren Z. said...

We just finished reading a chapter from Institutes of Biblical Law for family devotions a few minutes ago! : )

Mike S. said...

I have linked meekness with chivalry. It is one in the same (Psalm 45)

Nick Jesch said...

we are commissioned to BE ambassadors, ushering in, promoting, God's kingdom in this earth. Much of "church life" is lost in promoting the specific organisation, or some pattern of life life presumed to result from one's salvation. This is so shallow and meaningless. No wonder so many "hop" from one congregation to another, looking for.... something other than the unsatisfying "life" found at the last one.