Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Biblical Elders by Alexander Strauch

I asked Kevin Swanson what he thinks about the one-man show where the pastor is the authority in the church. 
He said it starts out a triangle, then collapses into a one man authority like a pope. He recommends Biblical Elders by Alexander Strauch.
Churches must be decentralized. We need a plurality of teaching elders. We must equip the fathers to instruct their own children in the ways of God not send them off to a youth group. ~Lance

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Nick Jesch said...

Excellent book.... this, and its companion work on biblical deacons, have been key resources for the growth of my own family of churches. The pair are required reading for everyone who is a head of household or an elder in training... which means every male of mid-teens and above.

The biblical pattern is for a plurality of elders coming from within the local congregation. None of this "hireling" from halfway across the country business. Fathers, TEACH your children... to be men and women of maturity and faithfulness. It is of such stock leaders come. If Fathers do their job well, there will never be a lack of godly leadership in the church.. or in the families that comprise the church. Every church I've known that studies these books is solid and healthy one. None that are weak, sickly, ineffective study them. Kevin is right.... necessary resource, for certain.