Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prevent Acne: Avoid Milk Products, Refined Carbohydrates

Preventing acne with diet : Disease Proof
A three-year prospective study of 9-15 year old girls found a 20% increase in acne prevalence in girls that had 2 or more servings of milk per day compared to less than 1 per week. This association held true for total, whole, low fat, and skim milk.6 The same researchers found a similar association in boys who drank skim milk (milk highest in protein).7 Furthermore, in the Nurses’ Health Study, dairy products eaten during high school were associated with acne during women’s teenage years.

Refined carbohydrates produce dangerous spikes in blood glucose...

"Blood levels of zinc, carotenoids, and Vitamin E are known to be lower in acne patients compared to those without acne, suggesting that maintaining micronutrient adequacy may help to prevent acne. Carotenoids are abundant in green and orange vegetables, and vitamin E is abundant innuts and seeds..."


Robert said...

The article suggests avoiding dairy products.
Is all dairy the same? It isn't.
Is the milk pasteurized/homogenized or is it raw?
Is it milk from a cow, goat, sheep,...?.
Is the milk protein A1 beta casein or A2 beta casein?

The article does not sound as thought it was written from a whole foods perspective.

Pasteurized/homogenized milk is something I recommend avoiding.
Raw milk is a very healing food, especially if fermented as with kefir.
Please see www.westonaprice.org for much good information about these types of issues.
The link under my name goes to one of the pages on that site dealing with acne.
Also, the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon is an excellent resource for making these types of foods part of your diet.

I thought I knew about what constituted a healthy diet before I became aware of these old ways of eating and their powerful effect on our health.

The common grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is truly amazing.

Esther said...

Thank You, Robert,
We need to look into that.
I grew up on raw milk, since we had our own cow, but I also had persistent acne as does our youngest daughter, so we are looking for answers. We are now trying to follow acne.com instructions.