Monday, October 17, 2011

The Starch Solution - John McDougall MD

Complex carbohydrates provide energy. People who live on plant starch-based diets are thin. Plants have stored energy: lentils, beans, potatoes, brown rice. Starch is the centerpiece. You need energy.  Fruits are not starch; they are simple sugars. 
Cats and dogs are designed as protein seekers. Don't try to make them vegetarians. 
E-coli on vegetation comes from animal dung. Almost all infections that are spread to people from foods come from animals [milk, pigs, cows...]. Starches are very low in chemical poisons because these environmental contaminants are fat soluble so they get sucked up in fat and  of course these are low fat foods.  In most cases, when farmers spray the chemicals on, you can scrub or peel off the outer layer which contains most of the chemical contaminants.   

Starches are clean.
Starches are nutritionally complete.
Starches have loads of protein.
They are full of fiber.
They are very satisfying.
They are loaded with vitamins and minerals.
Potatoes and sweet potatoes have all the vitamins and minerals you need except for B12. [See Kon All Potato Diet] 
Grains and legumes are missing two vitamins: A & C. Add broccoli to your rice then you would have all the A & C you need. 
If you add oil, it can dilute out the nutritional value of the potato.

All large populations of trim, healthy people, throughout all verifiable human history have obtained the bulk of their calories from starch. 

Archeological findings reveal approximately 6,000 year history of starch based diets:
Barley in the Middle East  
Corn (maize) in North, Central, and South America. Aztecs and Mayas are known as people of corn.
Legumes in Americas, Asia, and Europe
Millet in Africa 
Oats in Middle East
Potatoes in South America. Incas later changed to quinoa. It was a food of greater strength when they went to battle.
Sorghum in East Africa 
Sweet Potatoes in the South America
Rice in Asia.
Rye in Asia
Wheat in the Near East. It was the Pharaohs who lived on rich foods who got to be mummies. They got the diseases. 

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