Wednesday, November 2, 2011

French Green Clay

When talking to a friend, Carol told us that she no longer has to color her hair because she takes French green clay which gives her body the minerals it needs and removes toxins. We were amazed that from the roots out, Carol's hair is dark except some reddish near the ends

"Simple, yet powerful, it detoxifies the body and heals a wide array of ailments. It acts like a sponge and a sticky paper for chemicals, pollutants, toxins...The essential minerals within the clay are released and the body absorbs those it needs to maintain health & vigor. "

Said to be good for tremors, nerve damage, colon, bowls, stomach & digestion, removing heavy metals...  

Carol told us that she takes a tsp. of French green clay in a cup of water, lets it sit overnight, then drinks it most mornings, to give minerals and remove toxins.

Where Carol buys clay:   French Clay for All

"Carefully drink the water only on an empty stomach. 
A bit of lemon juice or cider vinegar 
will not only improve the taste, 
but will be beneficial for clay assimilation. 
Start by taking it once a day - 
in the morning , on an empty stomach."

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