Saturday, August 15, 2015

Vegetable Juicing

Whole lemon & lime are part of our daily routine of juicing for one gallon to last the day: 3 Zucchini, 2 large Beets & their Greens, 15 (3 lbs.) Carrots, head of Celery, 2 lg. or 4 small Green Apples, 3/4" cube of Ginger, slice of Red Cabbage, and topped with a long squirt of Flaxseed Oil and a few shakes of Cayenne. Mmm fresh juice is marvelous. The rest is stored for a snack later. 
We love it!
David is just coming off a three week juice fast yet was busy working (even taking time out to run 4 mi and do 500 pushups every 3-4 days).

Very fortunately for me, I'm thin so David doesn't bug me about losing weight.
He would tell me that he wants to be thin like me.
To this I replied, "Oh NO, sweetie. You look great!"
David stopped his juice fast when he reached his desired "perfect" 160 lbs.
Juice fasting is much easier than water fasting because the body is nourished and satisfied.

Here's Danny Vierra: 

I am concentrating on vegetables this fast, but adding a some apples, hard pears, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, jalapeño, and bell peppers from time to time. Daily, I am taking 1 to 2 tablespoons of organic flaxseed oil (essential fatty acids) and 25 grams of hemp protein powder (essential amino acids) in my juices to avoid muscle loss. Try using the hemp powder in a just carrot and celery juice because it will be easier to stomach. 
     I am using a Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed 900-Watt Juicer I bought off Amazon ($194.00). It is very fast and easy to clean. It juices all kinds of greens which made it attractive to me. 
     The amount I drink at a time may vary. I drink 12 oz. to 32 oz. depending on my need.

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