Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2008 West Coast Worldview Conference

Movie makers, Ross McDonnell of Ireland and Carter Gunn of New York/Virginia
working on a beekeeper documentary
 Prayer before leaving
Carter filming us driving
Lance & Jonathan were in the front seat talking the whole way.
Once, I just had to laugh at how much fun they were having.
It's great to see young men pouring their boundless energy into good things.
When we passed an accident, Jonathan asked if we could pray.

Tasha loves her baby.
A new Christian, she knows the power of God to change lives.

Dinner with Joe Morecraft,
who told us many stories of Celtic Christians and the Reformation.

During his Q & A session, Dr. Morecraft read the question
“If a vote for Obama is an abomination, what is a vote for McCain?”
“A vote for increased socialism and fascism” he answered.
Socialism is where the state owns the land and production.
Fascism is when people own the property and production,
but the state tells them what they can and cannot do with their property.
“People tell me that not voting for the lesser of two evils, is voting for the greater evil. No it’s not – I’m voting for the man I’m voting for.” Dr. Morecraft emphasized that we vote for a man who is qualified. “Do you know where the ‘lesser of two evils’ comes from?” During the Weimar Republic, the business men were struggling under oppressive taxation and regulation. A young politician campaigned that he would do away with the Weimar Republic. The businessmen said ‘well he is not the best, but he is the lesser of two evils.’
“And so,” Dr. Morecraft told us, “the conservative businessmen of Germany elected Adolph Hitler.”

Melissa from St. Louis, Jessica & Rebecca Serven

Telling us about the Crusades, Col. John Eidsmoe dressed as a Templar Knight

Our sweet nurse, Jo & Dinah

Breakfast with Gary DeMar
"The ultimate goal is to persuade, not just debate.
I have found consistently until a person reaches rock bottom and
there is no where else to go, they do not change."
Lee & Luke
Dinner with Col. Eidsmoe
Bethany & Dinah
Dinah & Melody N.
Dinah & Charissa

Tim, Jonathan, Jeriah, Andrew & Warren Luke
Luke brought 7 friends from the church he pastors in Ridgecrest.
We gathered to say goodbye to Jonathan,
who had worked on the phone and postponed appointments in order to come with us.
Jonathan & Jeriah
Ross instructs me
Victor as the Highwayman

The perfect lighting for an interview is out on the roof.

Regina sang Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye,
an Irish folksong about a young man returning from war, almost unrecognizable to the ones he loved.
While many men of God have been mighty warriors, war is not a blessing.
God described His judgment on His people in Psalm 78:63 (NIV)
“Fire consumed their young men, and their maidens had no wedding songs.”
As we see modern saber-rattling toward Iran, I remember Thomas Jefferson:
"I deem the essential principles of our government to be peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none...."

A last question for Gary
Rebecca & Dinah
Lance calls Rebecca “Miss Grace.” She is.

After watching me direct my brothers during their practice,
She gave me advice she has learned working with her five brothers:
Let them do their own ideas – not pushing them to do yours
Ask them to teach you things they know
And when they see you having a blast doing a project
they may just want to join you.
Ross catches the scramble outside our dorm as we all pack up for home.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dinah, WE look an awful lot like we could be sisters in that pic of us don't you think?
Melody N.

The Serven Clan said...

Dear Regina,

You are too sweet. I so enjoyed getting to know you and Dinah. Thank you for graciously pointing me to the Lord on more than one occasion! : )

Please come and visit in MO.

Resting in His joy,

~ Renée ~ said...

Hello Regina,
I found your blog from the Servens; I'm glad you all had a great time at WCWC. It would have been neat to be there again!


Anonymous said...

Hello Regina and Seppi Family,

This is Jessica Mallery from Montana...I used to be Jessica Rickel, Jay and Tracy's daughter. We first met you all at the Springville Fellowship about ten years ago. I think the last time we saw you all was the summer of 2003. Do you remember me?

I can't believe I found your blog; I wasn't even looking for it. It looks like your family is involved in some very exciting and culture-changing things! Good for you!

As you probably guessed by my new last name, I am now happily married. My husband and I have two children. If you have time, please visit my blog!

Also, my father has recently gone through some major health issues. We are praising God that he's even alive. If you'd like to know more, please visit the journal my mom is keeping on-line at

I hope to hear from you!

In Christ,
Jessica Mallery

Esther said...

Wow! Its so good to hear from all of you! Thank you Rebecca. We will definitely think of you if we get to Missouri.
Renee! what a surprise! I lost track of your e-mail when you moved. The Scotland trip looked awesome. Although I did not see you in the pics on Doug's blog, it was good to see Sarah from Texas with her family.
Colin Gunn must have been a great native host.
Jessica! I heard you were married, I think from the Leevers. Congratulations! And two sweet babies! I will pray for your dad. I cannot imagine having my dad down like that. Crisis definitely brings the church together. When Nathan Stoeppler was dying last year, his family had friends over, or visited others virtually every day. The little girls would come and throw their arms around me - they were so use to being loved by everyone.
Thank you for the link. Your mother looks beautiful.
By this time you must have health advise coming out your ears and may not need one more. However, a resource that has helped us is -- a great site for nutrition and disease prevention and reversal.
Love you all!