Thursday, August 28, 2008

Resolving Conflicts in Africa

The State Dept. blocked the passage of the original Sudan Peace Act,
but now claims victory for peace in Sudan,
yet no progress is made to implement promises by Pres. George W. Bush.

Brad & Howard Phillips

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Nick Jesch said...

Interesting, and frustrating, how we here live in such an information bubble. No word of the reality behind the surface news reaches us through the popular media, yet the situation behind the facade is so currupt. I just spent a week in a town about thirty miles north of you folks, helping a team dry and pack fruit to be sent to hungry people in other parts of the world. Friday morning we sent out a 40 foot seafreight container full of dried fruit and dry soup mix, bound for Sudan. I didn't hear the specifics, but I do know this organisation have a very rigid policy that any relief sent to a needy area never is given to government or other aid associations to simply be passed out as they see fit (or detoured to line the pockets of the "distributors"), but only to christian organisations that will document its being given along with the message of God's kingdom in Jesus Christ. It is only as the hearts of men are turned toward God those nations will be changed.
The news of corrupt American companies using the tyrannical government goon squads to assist in their expoitation of such people is disturbing, but, in a way, not surprising. Was just reading Gary North this morning, an article enalysing our present financial woes in the US and laying the blams squarely upon large segments of the population who have given themselves over to personal financial gain as their highest motivator, rather than serving the Living God and their neighbour. Nearly all of the decisions put before the people appeal to the larceny within our hearts. Twas ever thus, and ever will be.... until it isn't.