Friday, August 22, 2008

Chuck Baldwin for President 2008

Chuck Baldwin, presidential candidate of The Constitution Party, really tells it like it is. He doesn't mince words. In his latest commentary, he names America's greatest threat. No, it isn't terrorism, Russia, Iraq, Iran or North Korea. He says our greatest threat is our own leaders who "are facilitating the surrender of our national sovereignty and independence." As an example, Baldwin cites John McCain, who supports the International Criminal Court. Baldwin says, "Can you imagine U.S. citizens being hauled off before an international court to be tried for crimes." Such a court would trump federal and state laws. Baldwin continues, "If this is not a surrender of U.S. sovereignty, nothing is! And John McCain is all for it." Both Obama and McCain support the precursor to the merging of Mexico, Canada, and the United States (the North American Union, which will end our sovereignty and independence). Baldwin warns that when we lose our independence and national sovereignty, we will lose all our freedoms and liberties.

Baldwin summarizes his magnificent commentary by reiterating that our greatest threat is not from the actions of other countries. Our greatest threat comes from the American public who sit and do nothing while our government surrenders our national sovereignty and independence.

Chuck Baldwin is on the ballot in a number of states. In Arizona, to vote for him, you will need to write his name on the ballot.

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Sovereignty forever,

Arden Druce


Anonymous said...

What happened to Ron Paul?

Esther said...

Ron Paul dropped out of the presidential 2008 race, but is speaking at numerous events with Chuck Baldwin. Congressman Ron Paul has a great weekly commentary at 1888-322-1414.