Friday, August 15, 2008

Gary DeMar's Podcast

On his August 9th show, Economics and Education,

Gary reviews the "curious" book

Lance gave him at WCWC.

Red Republicans

Marxism in the Civil War

Walter D. Kennedy & Al Benson, Jr.


Jonathan Dec said...

Lance, proud of you!! Keep it up!

Nick Jesch said...

I listened to the broadcast... aspects of the War of Northern Aggression I'd not learned before. Never thought European dissidents had come here and brought their mess along!! How about giving us the name/date/publisher of the book? Sounds like a good one. Reading about that time from the perspective of Dabney (a contemporary) has been eye-opening. Once again, it is the victors that write the history. Thanks for sharing this one with us.

Esther said...

Thanks Nick,
We updated the post.
As Gary DeMar mentioned, American Vision plans to carry it soon.