Friday, August 8, 2008

God-is-Dead Movement Alive in Evangelical Circles

Excerpts of R.J. Rushdoony in Roots of Reconstruction Chalcedon Report #41

If a man professes to be a Christian and yet is guilty of sexual offenses against God’s law, he is effect saying, by his persistent contempt of the law, which for him God is dead in the area of sexual morality.

Now the same reasoning applies to every other sphere of life. If a man professes to be a Christian and yet favors the public (or statist) schools, and sends his children to them, he is declaring that God is dead in at least the sphere of education. He is denying the sovereignty and the existence of God for educational life. No less then the sexual offender, he is saying that God is dead and can be safely disregarded in the area of education.

…some very devout ministers have taken exception to my emphasis on economics and the gold standard; they feel I should be preaching the “gospel" instead...

I am declaring the good news that God is alive and governs not only the church but the state, school, science, economics, agriculture, art, and every other sphere. Our modern economics is the death-of-God economics; it denies that God exists and governs the sphere of economics by His law.

Science too must be under authority, or it will make itself the authority…

Our finest people have become sadly schizophrenic. They believe in God, and they live sober, godly, and productive lives, but they have not and do not wage war against the God-is-dead movement as it takes over one domain of life after another…A man cannot serve two masters; sooner or later, he will hate the one and serve the other.

…man refuses to know the truth about himself and about his knowledge. When faced with ultimate issues, he drops them and turns to trifling things.

…either we become alive to God in every sphere of life, or we become to that extent dead to Him. But God remains alive.


The Discher Family said...

He is a deep logical thinker, isn't he? Like our Lord. It is always amazing when we bring faulty reasoning to its full logical conclusion!

Your family's blog has wonderful thought-provoking posts! Keep it up!

It looks like ya'll had a refreshing time at the conference!

Nick Jesch said...

Yes, it is inescapably true: one day EVERY knee shall bow to the Lord of creation. The knee of economics, politics, culture, science, the organisation we call "church", fathers who refuse to "TEACH your children", for He will finally be seen for who He IS, rather than who we would prefer Him to be. The redemption of Jesus Christ will restore ALL things that were lost. Ah, but far better to bow to Him now, rather than at that last day.