Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dinah's First Day Out ~ In Charge

This is Dinah's first day out without anyone older along.
She & Victor are headed to dental cleaning appointments
& Melody to the orthodontist . ~ Esther

This was the perfect shopping day. We found what we wanted and Mommy packed just enough cash to get some gas, groceries and house maintenance things. Victor & I found the perfect window washing equipment, hose bibs and clear window calk at Lowe’s when Melody called to ask us to pick her up at the orthodontist, and I realized it was time to be at the dental office. ~ Dinah

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The Dischers said...

What a blessing when our children are raised to be trustworthy in all areas of life!

How nice to have another errand runner! We have one so far and it is SO convenient!

Good job, Dinah!

Mrs. Discher