Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sovreignty and the Election

“The manipulation of the people by the media and by the political elite has become a necessity for rule and for ’social order.’ The goal of diverse groups has become to capture the attention and the allegiance of the masses, to command the revolution which continues to spiral downward.

“For the Christian, however, neither kings nor commoners, elites or masses, revolutionary victories or triumphs at the polls, is important. The sovereignty of God must be our starting point, His regenerating power and irresistible grace, His law-word, and the Kingship of Jesus Christ. Only God’s power and grace are irresistible, and His justice and right shall triumph.”

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Anonymous said...

Very true and encouraging. Even though we may be losing the battle for the USA, we are winning the Cosmic war, we are on the winning side. Irresistible Grace - what an awesome truth!