Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Illegal Immigration and Biblical Economy ~ by Regina

Mexico is cursed with poverty because of a lack of the gospel. The USA is now cursed with recession and worse because we have turned away from God's blessing, (Deut. 28.) The word of God has all the principles necessary for economic success including sound money "just weights and measures" which refers to measuring the gold and silver properly -- not stealing. Our whole money system is based on stealing -- money created out of paper and loaned to the US at interest by a private central bank called the Federal Reserve.

The “North American Free Trade Agreement” (NAFTA) brought thousands of Mexicans to the northern border to work in factories and a few years later, through regulation the companies went to China, leaving the people little option but to run to the US where we provide medical, welfare…

If our economic house were in order there would be jobs for many more.

The solution is for Christians to take dominion – through service. We must teach our children about sound money, biblical ethics for public office and raise our sons to be “elders in the gates,” elected officials. And raise our daughters to be wise advisors to back up those men.

The solution is to obey God in how we raise our families AND how we vote and hold our representatives accountable. It is part of our worship. God created civil government and says that the civil officer is his “minister” the same word as “deacon.” When Christians step out of the civil realm, or send their children to be educated by statists, we bring spiritual and economic poverty to the world.

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