Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Erin Lynch & Tad Vogler Wedding

Listen now, as I, Reverend Jim in a hat

Begin the ceremony, covering this and that.

Let us start with a short prayer

To our God who is everywhere:

Bless this bride and groom

And the rest of us in this room.

I'll start with the vows, it won't take long

It’s to the reception, where we really belong.

Tad should respond with the words "I will"

Or Erin will react with a great big chill.

Will you love her here and there?

Will you love her everywhere?

Will you love her when she’s sad?

Will you love her when she's bad?

Will you love her when she gives ‘that look’?

Will you love her with your checkbook?

Do you promise to worship the ‘Silver and Black’?

Because if you don't Erin will attack.

Okay Erin it's your turn

Listen close so we can learn:

Do you promise to let him fish?

For it is his biggest wish.

Do you promise to stay by his side?

And promise to be his ‘blushing bride’?

Will you love him if you're rich?

Will you love him in a ditch?

Do you promise to be true?

Because without you, he’ll be blue.

Okay, you two, the deed is done

Look how far you both have come.

You have many years to share,

Here, there, and everywhere.

And now for the rest of your life

I now pronounce you husband and wife!

Okay Tad, you may kiss your wife,

But please you two…keep it dignified.

Please stand—clap, whistle and cheer

As I am honored to present to you

Erin & Tad Vogler.

Written by Erin Vogler

(Inspired by Dr. Seuss)

Presented by the almost Reverend Jim

Cheering the Newlyweds

The Kiss

Rose Petals Tad's Parents with Erin & Tad
Grandma Lee, Erin and her Aunt Corky
Danny, the Father of Erin

He came for the event all the way from Thailand

A Time of Laughter
Mother & Daughter
Darcy & Lance

Erin chose Lance, her dad, to give her away.

Daniel Richard Lynch,

soon to be Vogler when adopted by his "Daddy"

Darcy & Lance
with their children: Erin, Robin, Nicolaus,

Dinah and Chloe
Betty Seppi with her Great Grand-daughter, Chloe
Family Great-Grandmother Lee with a tired Danny
Versatile Musician Lovely Music
A Good Laugh

Ron & Paulette Roof
Dinah & Auntie Mary

Mary had knee surgery she believes could have been avoided

by building up the cartilage which she said can only be done by bike riding.

Chickoreli's are Second Generation Friends
Bridal Party This gal is young Danny's half sister.

They share the same father.
Robin & Joshua Randall

with their daughter, Chloe Stella The Paternal Grandparents of little Daniel Richard Lynch

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