Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stacie's Bridal Shower

Ladies gathered to honor DJ's bride, Stacie.
A Treasured Cookbook George Washington Quote on Wall
Each gave marital advice,
and asked Stacie a question about her David.

Andrew is a heart thief.

Anthia gladly calls Stacie, “Mom.”

Her marital advice was,

"Be kind and strong for him."

Anthia climbed too high and was afraid to come down.

Her dad instructed Jodavid in how he must rescue her.

Soon they were happily jumping down to the ground.


Dinah stretched,

"I'm as tall as I can be!"

Sweet Sisters

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The Dischers said...

Looks like a nice time.

I love that picture of Dinah and Melody!

Mrs. Discher