Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Michael Thomas & Rebekah Flynn

Aye! It's a thing of beauty No matter what we are and who,

Some duties everyone must do:

A Poet put aside his wreath

To wash his face and brush his teeth

And Even Earls must comb their curls,

And even Kings

Have underthings

Routine - Arthur Guiterman

There are Solutions40 Days for Life

This is a cross between commando training and break dancing

Flight ... remember "happy thoughts"

Ma and Pa take a picture on "The Bench"

As do Bekah and I

A Covenant Siblings Support Our Decision Our families happily engaged in the task of taking a group/mob photo.
A couple, engaged to each other ;-)

Where might the hand of Providence take us?

As of this afternoon at our beloved Blithewold, Rebekah Flynn has agreed to become my wife. I am about as happy as can be! I tried to make it a surprise, but, as she told me, she did suspect something might be up. "Details! Details!" You might say ...

The pictures, as always, tell the tale. Enjoy! Please keep us in your prayers. We now have many important decisions to make over the next couple months (and years ... but I'll take it one season at a time ;-).

As Always,

Love in Christ Jesus,

Michael Thomas ~ Webmaster for The Grand Adventure II

P.S. I love you Rebekah!


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