Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy 54th Birthday, Mom!

On my Birthday... Luke and Adam picked up Lance and Victor at 8AM

Still sweating from a five mile run,
and wearing his ear buds taped to his ears
from his ipod,
David relaxed and read to Jodavid

We spotted a hawk on the front lawn...
We welcomed Regina's soup.
Making short work of our grasshoppers!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Thank you for teaching me how to read and write.

Thank you for the lawn mower.

Love from Jodavid Seppi

Happy 54th Birthday Mama!

May the Lord grant you many

happy returns of this day.

I thank the Lord that He has given me

Such a wonderful Mother as you…

All I can think of is this blessing

That the brothers and sisters of Rebekah gave her:

Oh our Sister Be Thou the Mother of Thousands of Millions,

And Let Thy Seed Posses the Gate of them that hates them.

There is one thing that is important to remember and that is,

Everything is in the hands of God, and when things seem

to be the darkest and today looks exhausting

Tomorrow we have victory! Like Doug says

“Obedience today, Victory Tomorrow”

May the Lord Bless and keep you,

Guide and protect you this day and Always.

I Love you Mom!


Happy 54th birthday Mom,

Thank you for raising us, and not sending us to day care or public school, and for training us and teaching me how to read, when I did not want to.

Proverbs 31:25-28


Strength and honor ARE her clothing;

She shall rejoice in time to come.

This reminds us of the sweet time to come when you rejoice in your grandchildren.


She opens her mouth with wisdom,

And on her tongue is the law of kindness,

This reminds me when you read something after devotions that you found insightful.


She watches over the ways over her household,

And does not eat the bread of idleness.

This reminds me of how you use your time in making sure the work gets done and keeping us accountable.


Their children rise up and call her BLESSED;

Her husband also, and he praises her.

Thank you so much for being such a great MOM!



Happy 54th Birthday Mother,

I am so blessed to have you as my mother.

Thank you for kissing me every day and encouraging me.

Thank you for praying with me on those times when I really needed it.

Thank you for spending time chatting with me.

Thank you for choosing to have all the children God would give you and conceiving me, when it was unpopular at the time. You were alone among church women for choosing to give me life.

Thank you for being a beautiful example of a wife to Daddy. I love it when you let you children see how delighted you are with him, and greet him chipper and happy when he gets back from work. I hope to have a marriage as wonderful as yours someday.

Thank you for being a sturdy and hardy woman, building our house with daddy, squeezing money and making Daddy a strong man.

I treasure all the years I have had you. May our Lord Jesus give you a long life with many little grandchildren playing in your yard, kitchen and living room.

I love you, Mom!

Dinah Leigh Seppi

Dear Mother,

Happy 54th Birthday!

Thank you for embracing the promises of God:

Being willing to have all the children that God would give you

Getting up early to read with Dad so that you grow together as a team

Raising dominion oriented, kingdom advancing, God glorifying overcoming children under Christ

The multigenerational vision of victory, that steer us clear of the end times frenzy

Understanding the futility of the ungodly doom and gloom pretribulation view thinking the church would lose influence and ultimately be defeated

We know the church shall be victorious in time and in history. Just as Psalm 22:27-28 declares: All the ends of the world shall remember and turn to the LORD, And all the families of the nations Shall worship before You. For the kingdom is the LORD’S, And He rules over the nations.

Hebrews 10:13-16 from that time waiting till His enemies are made His footstool.

For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.

But the Holy Spirit also witnesses to us; for after He had said before,

"This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, says the LORD: I will put My laws into their hearts, and in their minds I will write them,"

Isaiah 11:9 ...For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD As the waters cover the sea.

It is this vision you and Dad have given us which changes the world. Thank you for having us read great books like The Institutes for Biblical Law by R. J. Rushdoony which shows how the Bible applies to every area of life. Thank you for reading from The Roots of Reconstruction during our devotions.

Thank you for supporting Dad in having morning devotions. Thank you for being diligent to teach us things we must know in life, going out of your way to get good books and having us read them.

Thank you for drawing up house plans, helping Dad build our house and standing with him through it all.

There is no family in the world I’d rather be part of, than this one – and have the parents God has blessed me with. I must be faithful with all that God has entrusted to me.



Happy 54th birthday Mom!

Thank you for teaching us that a smile is more important than designer shoes,

And giving us confidence that our husbands will be very happy.

Thank you for giving us purpose, that life is about something much bigger then ourselves.

Thank you for designing your house with a vision to serve, including three-foot wide door ways for furniture, fixtures or wheelchairs.

Thank you is for always letting us know that we children made you rich.

Thank you for teaching us to prepare, and not to fear the future.

Thank you for not being too “good” and seeing hypocrisy for what it is.

Thank you for standing with Daddy, for being a team with him.

Thank you for befriending outcasts and searching out the case we did not know. (Job 29:16)

May God give you many years on this earth to build His kingdom and enjoy the fruit of your hands.

Your firstborn,

Regina Joy Seppi

To my wife at 54, I at 61:

Oh my Sweetheart,

When I ponder how wonderful you are, I love to think of the ways you have loved me. (I mean anyone with that kind of sense has my undying devotion and unending friendship.)

You took away my despair, my uncertainties, loneliness and filled me with pride and vision and “go for it” You said to me in faith that was courage “Dave, lets give up birth control.” In short, good sense came to this lonely bachelor. We discovered together homeschooling, also the John Birch Society. You followed me gradually out of one pietistic church after another ’till we found Kaweah. You never “cut me off at the knees” as happens to so many good men, then on to Rushdoony and the Post-millennial hope. Behind it all the faithful hand of God. The Lord who says to me: “See David, I have loved you. By this woman, I have given you at 33, My pure one, seven children, land, a home and a happy job that gave you just the life you wanted. Free yet bound, happy yet bearing the dying of Jesus…Oh “Es” it has been a wonderful adventure. I have enjoyed so…

Thank you, Sweetie



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and many happy returns. From the blessings of your children and husband anyone can see that you are blessed. You are truly a virtuous woman and a wonderful example of a Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 woman. May God continue to bless you.


The Dischers said...

We hope you had a Happy Happy Birthay, Mrs. Seppi!

What a precious tribute from your family. Praise the Lord! The hand that rocks the cradle does indeed rule the world.

God Bless you!
The Dischers

Esther said...

Hi Lanita,
Melody and I were glad to run into your beautiful daughter, Nicole and husband, Lee, at JC Penney's in Visalia.
I'm sure they'll be headed back up to Washington to be close to grandparents when the kiddos start comming.
We pray God opens their hearts to children.

Anonymous said...

Oh Esther,
I am so glad that you saw them. I am praying almost daily that their hearts will be open to children. I know Christopher can't wait to get out of the Navy so he can find a wife and have lots of children. He has even asked us to help him find a godly young lady to marry. So we are praying for our daughter-in-law, wherever she might be.


Nick Jesch said...

Indeed, if such families as this there is hope for the future of our land. In taking God's word to heart and seeking to walk it out daily in THIS life lies a strong hope for the future. I had the priviledge of hearing Scott Brown teach here in Washington this past weekend, and he spoke of how encouraged he is as he goes about this country and sees five things being restored: hearts of fathers returning to children; parents taking up the command to teach/disciple their children; the Word being restored to its rightful place in homes and churches; families having large numbers of children, trusting God for their provision; the restoration of godly gender roles.

I may never meet any of you, but it is plain from following this blog for a short while you are all about these five things Scott mentioned, and thus are part of the hope we can have for the future as we follow hard after God. Thanks for the encouragement even though "from afar". And to Mrs. Seppi, let me add a strong wish that your birthday is happy and blessed... but it seems the fruit of your own life has already assured that!

Esther said...

Oh Nick, That is beautiful!
I’m delighted with your insights—and recall. Hmm you must take good notes as do some of ours.
Scott Brown is remarkable. He came from Calvary Church in Placentia, Ca. some years ago to live near and work for his inventor father-in-law in N. Carolina.
We loved his pastor and wife there: John & Grace Tebay. The Tebay’s stayed with us one weekend, when he spoke here.

Esther said...

Thank you ALL for your gracious word bouquets.
I appreciate them more than you know.

Nick Jesch said...

Mrs. Seppi, thanks so much for the kind words in response. As to my "good notes", innocent of the charge. I rarely take extensive notes. I was so struck by his "list" it stuck with me, as these very things are ones I have been noticing myself more and more. I'd never considered them as a "set", nor their interrelatedness the way he described them. These are the very things that continue to encourage me that the Lord is, indeed, preserving and bringing forward a remnant to be the godly seed with which to replenish this land.
Thanks for the "backstory" on Mr. Brown, as well, I've only heard him speak a couple of times now, read a little of his work, but I know he is a kindred spirit. It is interesting to learn more of his history. Thanks.