Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ligonier Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear Mr. and Mrs. D,

Thank you for the wonderful blessed time with your family.

I enjoyed meeting Mike Turry and him telling us about his children baptized by R.J. Rushdoony.

On our way I enjoyed Mr. D' funny jokes and stories.
The speakers were dynamic, enjoyable and exciting.
John MacArthur's talk on evil was revealing: "God wills evil to exist, allows it and is sovereign over it." Ligon Duncan showed that postmodernism reduces the Bible to a smorgasbord of stories and "what works well for you." R.C. Sproul's lectures were outstanding. His last talk was our favorite; when he spoke about John the Baptist coming on the scene saying, "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand...The ax is already at the root of the tree," so close was the kingdom.

Jesus repeated John, "The kingdom of Heaven is at hand...If I cast out demons by the Spirit of God then the Kingdom of God has come upon you.” R.C. Sproul added, “We are living in the kingdom…Since the Kingdom of God has come, take the gospel to the uttermost ends of the earth.”

Gary DeMar has said "Every earthly endeavor should be considered Kingdom activity, whether family, Church, business, or politics. We are ambassadors, representatives of our King in His Kingdom." II Cor. 5:20
I had been hoping to go to that conference for nearly a year. Thank you for the delightful trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. I'm so glad I got to attend.

I'm over halfway through your book Catholicism Unveiled. I was oblivious to many of its dangers.
Thank you for the valuable business advice and tips on being a good businessman: working hard, doing biggest job first, writing my plans, being diligent to use every minute wisely, working toward the future because we know who holds the future. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. I enjoyed every minute of it.



Anonymous said...

I noticed your remark about the quote, 'God wills evil to exist, allows it and is sovereign over it.' It reminded me about something I read a while ago- it's the last stanza of 'The golden Legend' by H.W. Longfellow

"It is Lucifer
The son of mystery;
And since God suffers him to be,
He, too, is God's minister,
And labors for some good
By us not understood!"

When I read that it really struck me because I had never thought of Satan as being God's minister- but he is in some way.

The other things that came to mind was a remark I heard on the radio-
God did not create evil and He doesn't have to do anything to get us to do evil- all he has to do is remove His protective restraints and we will naturally do evil.

The mysteries in the workings of God are wonderful!

Nick Jesch said...

I believe it is Oswald Chambers also spoke of the devil as God's minister. Considering the "picture" painted of him and his limitations described in Job is also helpful.. he is NOT the all powerful force we so often consider him to be. The whole Star Wars/dualism concept has definitely come into the mainstream of our culture, and is a very innacurate view. The battle between the dark side and the Light is already won, there is no question of the outcome. This brings great peace when once grasped.

Lance said...

Good points!
If God did not will evil to exist, it would be out of His control and He would not be sovereign.