Sunday, August 15, 2010

Afghanistan war soldier and whistle blower tells what he witnessed.

This is worth your time!

I am sorry about the bad language in here. ~Dinah


abbykautt said...

This just breaks my heart, to think that these young men are being turned into heartless killers of men, women and children.

God help us, and thank you for posting!

Matthew Cart said...

The police forces here pretty much operate the same way. They just have to be more careful here and not do it as openly.

Timothy Daniel said...

Even if the police get caught in an incriminating video, the police officer will just get a free paid vacation and a pat on the back.

Matthew Cart said...

Exactly Mr. Daniel. Police in this country are above the citizens and above the law. They are lawless and wicked people. These soldiers are the same people that come home and become cops to terrorize the citizens here.