Thursday, June 18, 2009

Standing for God, Family and Freedom

Are you worried about the future of our country?

What can one man do?

Look what the Obama administration has done in its short time in office:

- Massive bailouts
- Takeovers in the auto industry
- Moves to implement socialized medicine
- More power to the FED

The United States of America will be irrevocably changed if like-minded Americans don't work together to man the defenses against the rise of big government.

But what can you do?

For one, join as a FREE member online at

As a free online member of The John Birch Society, you get:

- Your own profile page
- Access to our forum to keep up to date with legislative bills
- Alerts on timely issues to take action
- Access to join local groups to better organize
- Share photos of successful activities
- Share best practices and ideas as a community blogger
- Keep up-to-date with microblogging

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