Friday, June 12, 2009

Third Person in the Marriage

When newly weds agree to obey whatever his father says,

they set him in the place of God,

thereby breaking their marriage covenant.

Some are teaching that the groom's father

has authority over the new family.

After witnessing this first hand,

many realize how insidious this is.


Nick Jesch said...

"for this cause, a man shall LEAVE his Father and Mother..." Seems many have forgotten this in favour of some other plan..... part of why so many marriages end up in divorce.

Mrs. Lunt said...

I have never heard of this. Do you know someone who is teaching this?

Regina said...


Mrs. Lunt said...


Mrs. Lunt said...

If you do not want to answer that is ok. however I was curious. your posting comes up in a search result about marriage in Google. I am impressed though, you have a lot of good stuff in this blog.