Wednesday, June 10, 2009

George Tiller, the killer of 60,000 babies, is dead.

In 1970 his (abortionist) father, mother, sister and brother-in-law crashed in Yellowstone National Park.

George served as usher in "Reformation Lutheran Church." Their church mission statement is “Serving God by loving God…with all that we are and loving our neighbor as our selves. We partner with God and care for people in the world: hospitality, humility, compassion...” Their stated creed: "We do not judge." His wife's CD includes: The Lord's Prayer, O Holy Night.


This murder is sad for the pro-life community, because violence is a reason for persecution/severe legislation.

We have been reading the stories women wrote of their abortions under Tiller. I didn't realize these late term abortions took a week to complete. Those poor girls had no idea what they were walking into.

One encouraging development is an attorney in Tenn., who has worked for several years shutting down clinics for malpractice. Lance told me there used to be 1400 abortuaries in TN, now there are 700.

The man who headed up the Tiller expose` website said this murder denied them the chance to close the clinic lawfully, which he believed they were close to.



viktor said...

did you know that the number of abortions goes down after a killing of an abortionist?

Nick Jesch said...

Viktor, I did not know this, but it makes sense. Perhaps the reality that a life is ended, permanently, becomes just a bit closer to home.